Prototype Development

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Prototype Development

The Importance of Prototyping

Over the years, the term Prototyping has morphed into a very broad expression. We define a prototype simply as an early model built to check a concept. Throughout the design and product planning process, it is critical to provide a model representation that enables continuous learning for an overall better end-product.

Long before production commitment, prototypes provide the chance to interact with a product to confirm well-executed design detail and ensure optimal manufacturing strategy. Examining preliminary design details in an exceedingly more real-life form allows weaknesses to be identified, increases project efficiency, and helps deliver better end results.


Prototype Machining

In prototyping, we usually work closely together with your designers and engineers to provide a small number of machined parts – sometimes even only one. At this critical stage of product realization, it’s essential to accommodate every detail correctly. Therefore, irrespective of the scale or complexity of your parts, we spare no effort to manufacture as per the specifications and submit for your inspection and approval.

Based on our customized parts manufacturing experience for over 20 years, we are proud to be able to provide a full set of prototyping services, to fulfill your delivery deadline with no sacrifices with product quality.

Affinity – Your 360 degree Prototype Partner

We can meet all your prototyping & small batch production needs. With over 20 years experience, Affinity can be your reliable partner with our engineering tools, resources and manufacturing capabilities. We can quickly transform design into a three-dimensional solid model or prototype, which may significantly simplify your design and product development process or effectively solve time-sensitive component problems.

  • Accelerate your Development

    Affinity has the expertise and technology necessary to take your ideas from design being ready for the marketplace and in your customer’s hands more quickly. There are always lessons that are learned within the process of prototype development. What makes Affinity unique is our Rapid Feedback Loop and Transparency, which allows us to boost your product design and reduce development costs long-term.​

  • Increasing Efficiency with Integrated Development​

    One of the foremost common mistakes made during the prototype development stage is multiple silos managing different elements of the project. Affinity takes a holistic approach to development that significantly reduces the price and time of bringing your product to promote. Whether it’s a medical device or a consumer product, our integrated development solution will make sure that prototyping is completed right the first time.​

  • 100% Confidential and Secure​

    All new product ideas start with trust. At Affinity, we work flat out to earn our clients’ trust by demonstrating prior client run through case studies that future customers can review. Affinity follows high ethical standards with NDA to help protect you and your design. Your design is safe with us.​

  • Service & Speed

    When you need precise, innovative and fast turnaround on machined prototype parts to judge and compare before full production, you can rely on the higher standards and expertise of Affinity prototype machining services. To ensure that the optimum quality, we maintain the best standard of CNC prototyping and strive to be the fastest responding manufacturer.​

Low-Volume Manufacturing

The power to manufacture parts in low quantities is extremely useful for teams that are developing their designs. Affinity can support low-volume manufacturing and supply engineering assistance to guide you through the prototyping process to make sure that your application has the most effective performance. This is the core tenet of our design, development and delivery strategy!


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