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The Marine industry requires strict material choices and high-quality surface finish control to withstand extreme weather conditions. The systems are exposed to harsh environmental conditions and thus, it is of utmost importance to manufacture components and parts with a specific focus on resistance to corrosion.

Our experience includes machining complex parts from a variety of grades of Aluminum, Marine Grade Stainless Steels, Brass and Titanium to meet the harsh environments in which many of our customers need to operate. At Affinity, we have the capability to machine complex parts and components from a wide range of materials.

Manufacturing Materials Capability for Marine

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Marine Grade Stainless Steel: There are different grades of stainless steel. However, in the marine industry, Marine Grade 316 and Duplex Stainless Steel material is typically used. Its properties such as resistance to chlorides, bromides, sulfuric acid, and iodides make it suitable for use in the said industry. Besides this, it offers resistance to corrosion, when exposed to seawater.

Aluminum Alloys: The 5XXX and 6XXX series of aluminum alloys are suitable for marine applications. We have the capability to work with grades including 5052, 5083, 5089, 6061-T6, 6082, 6061, 6005A, and 6060 of aluminum alloys that are most commonly used in the industry.

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Titanium Alloy: Ti6Al4V, which is also referred to as Ti-6Al-4V, or simply Ti 6-4, is an alloy of titanium which is majorly used in marine applications. This titanium alloy is known for its strength and corrosion resistance.

Manufacturing Capability for Marine

If you are working in procurement or are a manufacturing, production, design or R&D engineer working within the marine industry, Affinity can provide you with a one-stop shop machining solution to streamline your projects. We offer plating, painting, passivation, anodizing, chromating, screen printing, polishing and many other additional services.

All of our milled and turned components are subject to our rigorous inspection regime with designated inspectors, in-process inspection and a full final inspection completed on every part.

We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 accredited, adhering to a stringent quality management system. We are able to routinely demonstrate to external auditors that the parts we machine and the service we deliver meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

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Parts We Produce for the Marine Industry

  • Component parts for marine engines
  • Specialist enclosures
  • Fasteners
  • Deck and pipe fittings
  • Connecting shafts
  • Couplings, manifolds, guides and housings
  • Marine power and transmission units
  • Enclosures
  • Flanges and valves
  • Other engineered components for marine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)​
  • Instrumentation​

Our Custom Machining Work for Marine

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