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At Affinity, we are fully cognizant of the fact that in the field of aerospace CNC machining our customers expect their parts on time every time to the quality they expect. CNC machining brings many benefits to the aerospace manufacturing field, which is why we have made this manufacturing expertise central to our core production processes. We understand the importance of validation and traceability in the Aerospace industries. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification, close attention to detail and rigorous inspection regime means we’re an ideal manufacturing partner for the industry.

Proven processes and pristine machine shops ensure smooth and problem-free service. All this combines with precision innovation to deliver the cutting-edge solutions you’re looking for. Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) in this industry rely on CNC machining to create high-precision components under tight deadlines.

With Material Certification and First Article Approval (FAA) system in place, you can be certain about getting exactly what you asked for – quality parts and full transparency. Our aerospace machine shop uses some of the most precise and innovative techniques available to create top-quality components for the aerospace industry.

Precision Aerospace Manufacturing

Our aerospace machine shop uses the latest equipment to work with Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Titanium, the three most-used metals in the aerospace industry along with the finishes needed such as anodizing, passivation and electroless nickel plating.

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Aluminum is a lightweight metal that provides excellent ductility when machining and durability when finished. Because of its corrosion resistance and high electrical conductivity, it is ideal for a variety of aerospace applications.

Stainless Steel resists corrosion and can withstand strong impacts as well as regular wear and tear. It can also withstand scratches, extreme temperatures, and low pressures.

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Titanium – The metals containing a blend of Titanium and the substance of other components are known as Titanium Alloys. High strength and elasticity are present in such combinations of Titanium. They have phenomenal erosion resistance, are light in weight and have the capacity with which they can withstand persuasive temperatures. It is an alpha+beta alloy that is heat treatable to achieve moderate increases in strength.

Parts We Produce for the Aerospace Industry

  • Airplane accessories
  • Aerospace tooling
  • Actuator
  • Aerospace specific carts for moving components
  • Shafts
  • Assembly Jigs
  • Caps
  • Covers
  • Maintenance related fixtures and jigs
  • Quality checking gauges
  • Spacers

Our Custom Machining Work for Aerospace Industry

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  • Surface Grinding Surrey
  • CNC Turning Surrey
  • CNC Prototyping Surrey
  • Production Machining Surrey

Our Custom Machining Work for Aerospace Industry View more of our custom machining work, and contact us today to learn more about CNC Machining, Milling, Turning, Anodizing or Fabrication services at Affinity, and see what we can do for you!

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