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R&D in today’s economy is crucial in innovating new ideas. Organizations today use R&D to help stay ahead of the competition. With things moving faster than ever and product life drastically being reduced by demands and innovations being the forefront driven by consumers.

R&D in most organizations run as a separate operational activity. Research and development is not considered to turn profit. When R&D project is successful it can help the organization be much more profitable in the long term. R&D can help lead to copyrights, trademarks and discoveries along with the outcome of a new product.

Affinity understands the crucial timeline of R&D projects and has known to take orders with extremely short lead times with a feedback loop to design teams to make sure the design will work the first time every time. Being able to help customers achieve deadlines can aid customers to enter the market first.

Organisations we have helped

  • Startups
  • Spin off companies
  • Entrepeneuers
  • Government organizations
  • Universities
  • Existing customers

Manufacturing Capability for Research & Development

Affinity can supply a wide range of precision machined parts and assemblies for many industries throughout the world and has led up to:

  • Successfully launching new product line
  • Help reduce cost on a project by 36%
  • Help secure Capital Funding

Our Custom Machining Work for Research & Development

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