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Production Part Approval Process / First Article Inspection Report

Production Part Approval Process and First Article Inspection Report or PPAP and FAIRS is a report sent either by the customer to be filled or a dimensional report supplied by Affinity to make sure your first parts are exactly what you needed before going into production. Working with your quality department we can make sure all the documentation you need for your records are supplied along with the first delivery.

  • CMM

    CMM or Coordinate Measuring Machine is a machine that measures geometry including geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T) by touching or probing points on a surface of a component. The benefit of a CMM over other measuring equipment is you are able to check features that are non-linear. Our customers have used our CMM services to ensure that the part design is to specification with the form of a CMM Report. That way you can be assured that the part you have meets the design you need.

  • COC

    When required Affinity can supply the required documents when needed by the customer. COC or Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Conformance are common documents that our customers need. This our customers have the confidence that the product meets all the specifications and is safe.

  • Material Certificates

    In today’s industry the traceability of materials is absolutely crucial for the end users to make sure the product was made not only correctly but from the right materials. From incoming inspection of materials to outgoing QC our processes and procedure are there to make sure you have the required documents you need.

  • FAA

    FAA or First Article Approval can give the confidence that the part you have designed can work. With a pre-arranged schedule once the first part is off the machine we can send it for your approval right away. That way we will not produce more until you are satisfied.

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