Kanban Management

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Kanban Management

Drive Lean Transformations with Kanban

Kanban uses a Lean technique – a pull system that is based on replacing what has been consumed, based on client demand. The ordering and parts for manufacturing are ‘just in time’ for an exact delivery date. By maintaining key inputs of what is needed only for final deliverables on order, the inventory becomes leaner.

Kanban systems are particularly useful where large numbers of components need to be processed and tracked. The overarching goal is to achieve higher throughput with shorter delivery lead times.

Do you have consistent demands and have trouble maintaining inventory?

Affinity can help. We have years of experience tailoring to customers needs of Kanban, blanket PO’s, monthly releases and Pull systems. You get the parts you want when you want with no worries of down time on your production line.

Kanban systems managed by Affinity can yield unparalleled inventory efficiencies. Companies using Kanban Management systems have seen inventory turns increase significantly, lead-times shortened ; inventory costs cut meaningfully by reducing unnecessary administration & storage costs; and have eliminated a large number of their former replenishment process steps.

Better replenishment and demand planning

We generate a Lean material flow for our clients & operates with a system that works for our clients. We maintain ownership of raw materials & subcontracted components until consumed, allowing our clients to reduce inventory levels and costs . Since it is managed end-to-end, we are also in a position to negotiate better terms on behalf of our clients. With “shared responsibility”, we minimize actual inventory levels, build safety stock and optimal reorder point levels with minimal risk.

Lower your part cost, save space, increase cash flow, lower administrative cost Get in touch with us today to power up your lean supply chain!


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