Design Consultation

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Design Consultation

Unlocking Potential

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is a key factor that determines a product’s success and it directly impacts product quality and availability. The DFM consultation ensures optimal production efficiency and quality while pre-empting any potential product problems during the design phase itself.

At Affinity, we actively collaborate with design engineers in helping them realize their product vision. Together we overcome the barriers that prevent hardware innovation. We are a team of specialized machinists who have been practicing for years and possess in-depth knowledge about machining processes. With decades of accumulated knowledge and expertise that we have built as a machine shop, we can assist in translating our trade knowledge into solving your key challenges.

Saving Time, Costs and Effort

DFM allows you to save time, cost and effort related to the product redesigning process and builds manufacturing output efficiently. DFM practices vary, depending upon the industry and type of manufacturing process. With defined check lists for quality and design checks, we take care of factors which might impact product manufacturing including the nature of raw material, its physical and chemical attributes and its availability for faster production.

It has been estimated that by the time product design gets determined, about 80% of the total product costs are incurred. These designs determine the manufacturability which in turn impacts production costs. DFM plays a vital role in controlling product costs.

Ready to Manufacture but You Are Not Sure?

Our team has in depth experience CAD/CAM experience. We can consult your engineering team on design and help consult on feasibility. We have worked with engineers and designers to help build quality into the part while keeping costs low. Expect these and more when you partner with Affinity:

DESIGN CONSULTATION: In most cases design consultation is free for customers(especially if we are getting the order).

COLLABORATION: It is very common for us to get the customer involved in the designing process and help troubleshoot or iron out all the kinks. When the situation demands, we visit the customers’ site and help in finding solutions and our doors are always open to customers to help them with solutions in true spirit of teamwork.

HONESTY: Give the feedback to customer so there is no implicit knowledge kept with us.

EXPERTISE: We are the manufacturing experts and we can guide you on cutting costs, improving feasibility by recommending materials and correcting features.

SUPPLEMENT: We are always happy to assist your engineering department in any way we can.

EDUCATE: Our key focus is to educate the customer about the process, so that they can take well informed decisions.

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