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What is Computer Numerical Control or CNC?

Computer Numerical Control or CNC helps automate the manufacturing process by controlling the movements of the machine in the form of code.

The first machines or what we call manual machines were controlled manually by turning dials and levers while performing inspection periodically. In contrast on a CNC machine once the setup is completed only minor tweaks are needed over the course of production to maintain quality. In fact, making the complex of designs today on a manual machine are virtually impossible with finer tolerance and more complex geometries than ever before. The CNC code is generated using a CAD (Computer Aided Design) model and programmed using CAM (Computer Aided Machine) software. The output: code that controls the machine’s movement to make a part.

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What is CNC Turning?

Turning is a process used in manufacturing where bars of material typically round bars are clamped in a chuck or collet and rotated at high speeds. The cutting tool is then fed into the rotating workpiece and removes material as per the program. Turning Machines otherwise known as Lathes are one of the most effective ways to remove material. Parts typically well suited for our Lathe machines are:

  • Shafts
  • Couplings
  • Brushings
  • Lead screws
  • Maximum Diameter

    228 mm

  • Minimum Diameter


Why Affinity?

Though Lathes have been around for centuries they have come a long way. With the latest and greatest in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery you can be assured that Affinity has the capabilities to complete parts large and small with absolute precision. With live tooling, we can complete milling operations along with turning in one operation saving you time and money. Our bar feeders attachment also can help make things cost effective when it comes into production, we have experience turning parts for our customers in the quantities of 1000’s.

Not sure if the parts are a right fit?

Ask we are always there to help you and guide you with the manufacturing processes to make sure keep you parts at a low cost. Ask for a quote now!

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